Rules of the Bonnieheath Bed and Breakfast

  • We want everyone to enjoy their stay without worry. Keeping in mind COVID-19 safety, please wear a mask in the common spaces
  • Please show respect to other guests and to the property.
  • There is no smoking in the home, there is a section on the property - please ask your host.
  • After 11 pm please show courtesy to the other guests and keep noises to a minimum. The doors will also lock at this time, please arrange with your host if you will be out past 11pm.
  • We care about the environment here at Bonnieheath, please don't litter or disturb the plants and animals. But please enjoy our wonderful property!
  • Leave the cooking to us! The kitchen can only be used by your hosts. Feel free to use the fridge or microwave though!
  • Please remember the main floor, the washroom, and the porch, are common spaces. Please be respectful to others and courteous of bathroom timing.


When you arrive, you can enter into the laneway marked 418 on Concession 12 Townsend (this is not the Bonnieheath Estate entrance). This entrance will take you directly to the house where there will be 3 marked parking spots, named by room. Only one parking spot is included in your stay so please let us know if more is needed and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Room Capacity:

All rooms have a maximum occupancy to adhere to municipal laws.
Waterford: 2 guests
Provincial: 2 guests
Norfolk: 4 guest


All rooms have the option to include breakfast in your stay. Breakfast is served from 8-10am and each day there is a different breakfast offering. We will always accommodate our guests with any allergies or dietary restrictions. Please mention them in your reservation so that we can prepare for your stay with us. We cannot make last minute substitutions. 

Door Policy:

We lock the doors at 9pm for safety, if you will be out past this time, please arrange with your host. At 11pm, the doors are locked, and noise must be at a minimum.


We understand accidents can happen but intentional or carelessness of the bed and breakfast premises will result in damage costs for 1) items damaged 2) time and bookings lost due to damages.

We require a 25% pre-authorization on your credit card for damages that will be released 2 days after your visit upon inspection. If damage has been occurred, we will let you know via email and the charge will be placed upon your credit card used to purchase your stay.


Please be aware of this policy when booking your stay.

Direct booking cancellation 15 days prior to your scheduled arrival results in a full refund. For cancellations 14 days or less prior to scheduled arrival will not be refunded and full payment will be charged to your credit card.

Bookings through third party booking engines, the cancellation policy is 30 days before arrival.

Check In/Check-Out:

Please alert your hosts of your estimated time of arrival so we can welcome you to the house and show you to your room. Check in is between 3pm and 6pm therefore please let us know of times outside of these hours so we can accommodate your arrival.

Your hosts will be around for check-outs around 11am to send you off and thank you for your stay.You can also check-out by leaving your keys in your room, unlocked, and we will follow up with your checkout via email.
We also wish for our guests to submit feedback from their stay for areas of improvement as a new business, we appreciate it!


Rates are in Canadian dollars | Visa and Mastercard accepted | We do not accept cash or cheques | All payments must be made online before your stay | A credit must be on file for our damage policy


    No pets or animals are allowed in our guests’ rooms or in any guest areas. Certified service animals are allowed. Please confirm this at least 7 days in advance. 

    Hot Tub Usage:

    In efforts to keep social distancing, the hot tub is available for your exclusive use for 1-hour per room. Shared use at other times. No hot tub use is permitted between 11 pm and 6am. For your safety and others, please adhere to the rules including the number of bathers when entering the hot tub.

    Environmental Friendliness & Recycling:

    This property recycles all plastics & paper. Trash cans and recycling bins are provided in each room. Please be mindful of trash and food as we are a farm house.

    Plan Your Visit:

    We offer a variety of experiences at the Bonnieheath Estate. If interested, book ahead here to make sure you secure a spot.

    We have found all the best places around Norfolk for you to visit. Upon arrival, there is a Welcome Book in your room which will help you with all this information and of course, ask your host for anything else!